Why Being A Teen Advisor is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Advocacy , Leadership , Supporters in Action

By Kyung Mi Lee and Vaannila Annadurai

The first time we met each other in Washington D.C. for the 2015-2016 Teen Advisor weekend, we were both nervous and intimidated. Everyone in the TA class seemed so impressive, and nothing could have prepared us for the next two years of life-changing experiences we were about to have.



Being a Teen Advisor is an opportunity of a lifetime. The lessons you’ll learn about what it means to be an advocate for gender equality and about the complexities of international relations are all the more invaluable when you are with friends who you’ll cherish for a lifetime. From monthly reading clubs where we read about and discussed eye-opening articles to guest speakers who shared with us their experiences in international work, serving on the Teen Advisory Board has greatly expanded our world view and taught us the value of Girl Up’s work in the lives of adolescent girls.

But hands-down the best part about being a Teen Advisor is getting to know so many inspiring young women from around the world. The bond we formed with the other TAs is unbreakable, and we’re constantly amazed by their brilliance, creativity, and dedication. Between our monthly calls, the feminist discussions over dinner, and the frantic quest for that perfect outfit to the leadership summit, the memories we’ve shared together brought us so much closer than in our capacities as Teen Advisors; we became sisters.

And that is what the Girl Up is all about. The “by girls, for girls” mission so perfectly embodies the global sisterhood of Girl Up supporters, and the Teen Advisor experience is a wonderful microcosm of our community of strong, like-minded supporters, ready to change the world.

So apply to become a Teen Advisor today- we promise it will be the best decision you ever make!

Kyung Mi Lee and Vaannila Annadurai are the 2016-2017 Girl Up Teen Advisors co-chairs.