Who’s your #GIRLHERO

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Every day, girls around the world do amazing things – from small acts of courage to great acts of strength. Now, let’s recognize them.

Today is the launch of #GIRLHERO, a photo campaign to celebrate girls everywhere in the lead up to October 11, the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl.

Here’s how it works:

1. Post a photo on social media of a girl who inspires you – your very own #GIRLHERO – and tag her in the post.

2. The girl you tag must then do the same and tag her own #GIRLHERO.


You can help spark a positive chain reaction, and we hope you’ll take part. We’ll be collecting your #GIRLHERO photos on our brand new page, GirlUp.org/GIRLHERO, and reposting photos on Girl Up’s social media handles. Be sure to check back regularly to see if your #GIRLHERO is featured!

There are girl heroes everywhere – in your science class, in your family, on your soccer team – and we think it’s time to honor them. Together, we can highlight the rights and power of girls around the world.