Teen Advisors Share Their Top Moments from the Social Good Summit: Day 1

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Yesterday, we kicked off day one of Social Good Summit. The event brings together global leaders, business leaders, and advocates to talk about the greatest challenges our world faces, and how we can all work together to solve them. The event is one of the most buzzed about moments during UN Week.

This year the topic on every speaker’s lips was the new Sustainable Development Goals. These global goals were gaveled in by the UN on Friday, and they will serve as the world’s “to-do” list as we work to improve the lives for everyone.

Girl Up had four Teen Advisors at the first day of Social Good Summit, and they had the opportunity to watch the programming and interview some of the speakers.

We asked the Teen Advisors what resonated with them from Day 1 of Social Good Summit. These were their favorite quotes and moments:

Fiona (17): Throughout Social Good Summit, I really enjoyed the message of inclusiveness and unity. I think that theme was best encompassed by two quotes: “The goals are for you” from Richard Curtis – the founder of Project Everyone – and “I came here to enhance a common vision of life with dignity for all,” from Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the UN.

Sarah (17): My favorite quotes were, “We all have a space to make a difference,” from Graca Machel, a Mozambican politician and humanitarian, and “Nothing we achieve can be done alone,” from Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever.

Kyung Mi (17): My favorite moment was Amina Mohammed talking about the post-2015 world, and the importance of including the marginalized in the new agenda. That is so important.

Vaannila (16): I had two favorite quotes, both from Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, a former Prime Minister of Norway. “Wherever you are, if you look at the SDGs, you will find yourself there” and, “Every one of us is responsible for the future of all of us.”

Day two of Social Good Summit is just getting started. Follow the conversation on our channels using #2030NOW and keep an eye on our blog!