This incredible 16-year-old girl challenged herself to a bike ride across America to support girls around the world. And she did it.

Supporters in Action

Last month we told you about Leah Adelman, a 16-year-old rockstar who was biking her way across America to raise funds to support the empowerment of girls around the world. You read about her first rest day in Georgia, her days starting at 4:00 AM, and the rural and often poverty-stricken areas she rode through.

Throughout her journey we heard from a number of you supporting Leah and cheering her on. And everyone had the same question: “How does the story end?”

Well, ask and you shall receive! Here is a final post from Leah about her ride across the United States:

August 12

When I arrived at the beach in San Diego, I ripped off my shoes and helmet and dashed toward the water. The last time I had seen the ocean was six weeks prior on the opposite side of the country. Words cannot describe how proud I felt to have pedaled each and every mile to reach the Pacific Ocean. The salt water mixed with my tears at the realization of my goal. Every person who has ever viewed me as unable to accomplish something because of my gender and age was proven wrong. My own body powered me across America.

It was a lot of hard work- the steep hills in the Rockies were exhaustive, the heat of the Mojave Desert was draining, and getting back on the bike day after day took discipline. This journey was also the most incredible adventure of my life. I saw parts of America that I did not realize existed and got to experience my surroundings in a way that is simply impossible by car. I am so happy that I was able to use my passion for cycling to raise awareness and funds for Girl Up. I hope other young women will learn from my journey that if you believe in yourself, you can make a difference.