Fatimata Cham

Hey there! My name is Fatimata Cham and I am currently a junior attending The White Mountain School.

I am a muslim and a first-generation Gambian American. I was born in the South Bronx, Ny but I attend a boarding school in New Hampshire on an academic scholarship. I discovered Girl Up when I met Munira Khalif at the youth assembly at the United Nations. She talked about how much Girl Up has impacted her and the way in which she sees the world. She also talked about how it helped her become an activist for girls around the group. She created an organization called Lighting the Way for young girl in East Africa. She saw the injustices that many of the girls faced and knew that she had to do something about it. That was the moment in which I knew that I needed to be apart of a community of people who were willing to stand up against injustice and helping to empower young women around the globe. Growing up in the South Bronx and being a young African American muslim girl I saw many of the challenges that came with simply pursuing your education. I want to be a voice for young Gambian girls who are just beginning to shape their true genius.

My career aspirations are to run for Mayor of New york city one day and to work alongside organizations such as United Nations development fund for women and Equality Now to help shed light on the many struggles that young women face around the globe. I truly believe in the african proverb that “if you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a nation”-African Proverb.

Apart from Girl Up, Since 2015, I have also been a member of the Junior Academy that works alongside The New York Academy of the Sciences to help conduct research. Every year, students from around the globe work on a virtual platform to solve some of the world’s greatest problems which align with UN Sustainable development goals set for 2030.