Ways to Fundraise

Fundraising starts with the word “fun” for a reason. It’s more than giving a donation, or even asking for one — it’s mobilizing the people around you to care about the issues that matter to you most. Whether you opt to raise money online or in person, we’ve got your back with these ideas to get started.

Give Her a Future – Uganda

In 2018, Girl Up is raising funds for refugee girls’ education in Uganda. The country now holds the most refugees out of all the countries in the African continent. The Give Her a Future fundraising challenge is to support UNHCR’s efforts to educate girls, provide teachers, classroom materials and more.

Give Her a Future

Graduates for Girl Up

You’ve reached an important milestone. In honor of your graduation, ask for gifts that give back to support Girl Up’s legacy. Because of you, more girl leaders can be empowered to change the world.

Graduates for Girl Up

Donate Your Birthday

Make your big day about something bigger than yourself. This birthday, ask for gifts that give back. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Donate Your Birthday

Fitness Fundraiser

Run, dance, bike, swim. Whatever keeps you active, use it to raise funds for Girl Up. Sign up for a race in your community, or create your own event like a fitness fundraiser (think Zumba or spin class!) Or, create some competition with a biking challenge or swim-a-thon.

Fitness Fundraiser

Team Girl Up

Team Girl Up is a community of runners dedicated to supporting the empowerment of girls everywhere. Team Girl Up runners commit to  raising for Girl Up through an official charity running team. Find out where Team Girl Up is running next.

Join Team Girl Up

Global 5K

Lace up your running shoes on Saturday, May 20 and conquer a 5K (3.1 miles) to help us raise $40,000 to empower 800 girls in Guatemala through our partnership with UNFPA. It’s a Global 5K – that means there will be girls running 5Ks from around the world! From Boston to Beijing, Sacramento to Sydney, girls all over the globe are running to support Girl Up’s partner UNFPA programming that helps girls assert their rights, be educated about their bodies, proper nutrition, financial literacy and more – all in an effort to reduce child marriage and teen pregnancy in Guatemala. Join the Global 5K to make a difference.

Register for Global 5K

Create Your Own Fundraiser

You’re creative and brilliant, so let that shine through. Come up with your own idea for a fundraiser and get all of your friends involved. Some suggestions to get your ideas flowing: film screenings, bake sales, holiday grams and more!

Create My Own Fundraiser

For more tips on how to fundraise, check out our Fundraising Toolkit.