Girl Up Clubs


Who can start a Girl Up Club?

Anyone! Students from middle school, junior high and high school can register a Club with Girl Up. Clubs are student-driven so we expect that the main point of contact with Girl Up be a youth Club Leader. That being said, we also ask that every Club have an adult advisor to ensure you have support in your school or community.

The issues presented and discussed within Girl Up are appropriate for students ages 13 and up. However, with the help of a teacher or advisor, Girl Up content can also be appropriate for a younger audience – and we have several Clubs led by adults in elementary schools.

Does a Girl Up Club have to be affiliated with a school?

While we recommend that Clubs be affiliated with a school, it is not necessary. School-based Clubs are often the best way to get friends and your school administration on board with your efforts – as well as ensure that the Club you build lasts through the years. As long as you have the support, successful Clubs can also be affiliated with a faith-based organization, community organization or even home-grown.

Can a Girl Up Club be combined with another club? 

Absolutely. Many Girl Up Clubs have found success by pairing up with an already existing social justice or gender equality club. Events, in particular, can be more successful when you join together and pool resources rather than compete with one another. Just remember your commitment to Girl Up. If your event is a fundraiser, at least 50% of the money raised should go back to Girl Up. If your Club is affiliated with another related club, we just ask that you let us know in your Semester Report.

What kind of activities are Clubs required to do?

To remain in good standing, your Club must lead at least five Girl Up activities throughout the year. The kind of activities that you do is up to you! Girl Up provides a ton of suggestions and information on education, fundraising, advocacy and service opportunities for your Club after you register.

Do Clubs have to fundraise? 

No. Even though most Clubs do fundraise, there are plenty of activity alternatives to explore and we understand that some schools have strict rules about fundraising.

However, fundraising for Girl Up is one of the easiest ways to make a direct impact on the lives of adolescent girls in developing countries. Girl Up provides all the tools and information you need to make fundraising with your Club both fun and easy! We ask that every Club at least set a $500 fundraising goal. Every dollar counts in helping the hardest-to-reach girls in the developing world.

What is the Girl Up Community?

The Girl Up Community is a web portal for Girl Up’s top supporters; Clubs, Campus and Community Leaders. The Girl Up Community allows you to post videos, add to our activity calendar, chat with other clubs and receive the latest news. It also has resources like videos, meeting flyers and guides to make your lives easier. Planning meetings and hosting events is a cinch when you use the Girl Up Community in a pinch.