Girl Up Campus


Who can become a Campus Leader?

Any college student who’s able to meet the Campus Leader expectations (see below) – that’s our only requirement. If you are starting a new student group, Girl Up is here to help you become an official group on campus and can provide an official letter of recognition.

What are the expectations of Campus Leaders?

Girl Up expects Campus Leads to:

  • Participate in one campus challenge or activity each semester
  • Report back after every activity and complete your semester reports
  • Recruit new supporters through tabling, presentations or events
  • Adhere to the Girl Up mission and represent the campaign respectfully

Can a campus have more than one Campus Leader?

Typically, Girl Up asks that there only be one Campus Leader — our main point of contact to your school — per college campus. If there’s already a Campus Leader at your school, then sign up as a member of that campus group. You can still join the Girl Up Community and get access to all the special perks we have to offer our college supporters.

How long does someone serve as a Campus Leader?

Girl Up requires that Campus Leaders re-register every school year, that way we know which campuses are still active and if campus leadership has transitioned. You can be a Campus Leader for one year or multiple years. If you’ve completed your commitment and are ready to move on, we hope you can help find another student to serve as Campus Leader and ensure a continued presence for Girl Up at your school.

Do Campus Leaders have to start a club or chapter?

No, we recognize that there are plenty of ways for you to be a Campus Leader at your school. This can include hosting events and fundraisers, or incorporating Girl Up into an existing student groups like sororities, sports teams, or other social justice clubs. If you choose to start your own Girl Up Campus group, we’re here to help and get you all the resources you need.

Is fundraising a requirement?

While fundraising is an important part of Girl Up’s work, it is not a requirement for Girl Up Campus Leaders. However, fundraising for Girl Up is one of the easiest ways to make a direct impact on the lives of adolescent girls in developing countries. Girl Up provides all the tools and information you need to make fundraising with your Campus Club both fun and easy! We ask that every Campus Club at least set a $500 fundraising goal per year. Every dollar counts in helping the hardest-to-reach girls in the developing world.

. Students can also choose to participate in our advocacy or educational challenges. If you are interested in fundraising, Girl Up has tools and ideas to get you started.