Advocacy 101

Advocacy is an important part of making a lasting impact for girls around the world. Simply put, being an advocate means you are using your voice as a force for change.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is calling on your elected officials to take action in support of a cause or issue. As a girl advocate, you’re asking policymakers to support and promote policies that positively impact the lives of girls in developing countries.

Why is advocacy important?

Girl Up directly impacts the lives of girls around the world by fundraising for UN programs that offer critical services to girls. To help change entire societies, we also need to ask our governments to support policies that make a lasting and sustainable impact for girls. That’s why we provide ongoing opportunities for Girl Up supporters to contact their policy-makers through letters, phone calls and in-person constituency meetings. Advocacy is the best tool for large-scale change.

How do you advocate?

To be a powerful advocate, you should educate yourself on the issue you care about and understand what you are asking your elected official to do. Luckily, Girl Up is here to help with both! Get started by learning about the various ways you can advocate for our current policy priority.

Ways to Advocate