Stephanie Sinclair, Changing the World One Photo at a Time

Fab Female Friday

For decades, Stephanie Sinclair has shown the world the inequalities that exist in the lives of girls and women around the world, all without a single word.  She has shown the world that there are faces behind all of the numbers and statistics, and there are important stories that must be told.  She tells these stories through the power of photography.

Stephanie Sinclair is a world renowned photographer, whose work has appeared in top tier publications, including Time Magazine, The New York Times, and National Geographic.  She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Journalism and began working for the Chicago Tribune, which sent her to the Middle East.  She spent six years as a freelance photographer in the Middle East and South Asia before joining the VII Network.

It was 2003 when her work took a turn.  She was working on a project in Afghanistan about self-immolation and noticed that the victims were all young girls, between the ages of 9 and 13, who were married to men four or five times their age.  It was there, as she saw that the desperation these girls felt was enough to want to burn themselves, that she realized the severe repercussions of child marriage.

Since then, her work has had a human rights focus, specifically regarding adolescent girls and the consequences of child marriage.  In 2012, she contributed to a documentary called “Too Young to Wed” about an Ethiopian girl who was married at age 11.  The documentary grew into a partnership between VII Network and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to raise awareness on child marriage in the developing world through a traveling photo exhibit.

Sinclair has captured snapshots of the inequality and injustice that exists for girls around the world.  Her photos transcend words, and are powerful reminders that there are real girls and women behind all of the statistics and reports.  Her photos help spread awareness and allow people to travel with her to remote villages from India to Nepal, and see the faces of the girls that are living the reality of child marriage.

Recently, the New York Times published her piece, “Child, Bride, Mother,” a photo exposure on child marriage in Guatemala.  It is a powerful compilation of photos and stories that will bring you to the forefronts of this important issue.

Sinclair is bringing the stories of girls around the world to the front page, changing the world one photo at a time.

(Photo/Stephanie Sinclair)