Refugee Statistics

Advocacy , Education

The following is a poem by 2018-2019 Girl Up Teen Advisor Leena Abdelmoity. She states, “After recent news about the status of refugees, and the U.S.’ decision to halt granting asylum for refugees, I wanted to share this poems I wrote that shed light on what it means to be a refugee.”

I am often represented by a number, a statistic.
A statistic that robs me of my story, my journey.
Sure, numbers are important for data,
But what do they say about how I feel?

What do numbers say about my husband,
who blew up in front of my eyes in Syria?
What do numbers say about the daughter I lost
crossing the Mediterranean?
What do numbers say about my son’s cries for food,
and my inability to provide?

What do numbers say about my country,
my beautiful home that was, and no longer is?
What do numbers really say about me?
Too little.