Terri, Liberia

At 17, Terri, is an 11th grade student already cooking up some sweets as a pastry trainee. She explains, “Before I started school, I was living on the street with my mother; a drug addict. At age 14, my mother made me on several occasions sleep with men in exchange for money for her to purchase her drugs.

“Tired with this way of life, I escaped from her and went to church where I met a lady to whom I explained my case. She later took me to the West Point Women’s Centre where the BCAP program was carrying out recruitment. Based on my condition, I was enrolled into the program. I attended different trainings and workshops as well as field trips.
“These activities really helped me realize the true meaning of life. It has attracted me to education which I feel is the key to a better future. I have set my goal to become an advocate for victims of drug abuse, like my mother.”
This has motivated Terri to advocate for the prevention of gender-based violence, which she herself experienced. She enjoys sharing what she has learned with others in hopes of making a difference. “Because of BCAP, I am able to express myself to people; it will change my future.”
Terri has also found a new love for baking. “My favorite thing to bake is wedding cakes!” she cheerfully exclaims. “If I don’t have any job after I am done with school, I can use my pastry [making skills] to provide for my family.”
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