Girls around the world have dreams and goals for themselves, their families and their communities. Their stories matter and we know that together we can empower girls for generations to come. To learn more about the girls impacted by our actions, check out our Exposure Stories page.

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UT Austin Girl Up

Committed to making a difference

Founded in 2014, this Girl Up campus group has already made a big splash for girls, and they’re just getting started…

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Miatta, Liberia

Determined to go to school.

Miatta faced many barriers in her pursuit of an education, but nothing would stop her from going after her dreams…

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Christine, Malawi

Escaping child marriage.

Her parents and her community wanted her to get married at 16, but Christine had other plans…

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Namda, Ethiopia

Top of her class.

Going to school has changed Namda’s life. And what she will do with her education may change her entire country…

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Nasttho, Ethiopia

A strong survivor.

Only a teen, Nasttho fled violence in her native Somalia. “I remember the bombs and bursts of shooting…

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Tania, Guatemala

Given a second chance.

Tania is about to turn 15. But like thousands of teens in Guatemala, she was forced to drop out of school…

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Annie Gersh


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