Helping Girls Go Places, One Bike at a Time


At the end of 2014 we came to you with a big ask: help us launch our SchoolCycle campaign and raise funds for bicycles for adolescent girls in Malawi.

In Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, girls don’t have a safe way to get from place to place. Lack of transportation is one of the most critical challenges keeping girls from reaching graduation. They often have to walk long distances – sometimes more than 10 miles – to reach school. These long walks put girls at risk of experiencing violence, and many girls drop out because they are afraid or can’t manage the long distances.

By providing a girl with a bicycle, she can go places – to school, to after-school programs, or to health facilities. So that is what we did. With your help we raised enough to provide 550 bikes, spare parts, and bicycle maintenance lessons to girls in Malawi!

We know that girls are the most powerful force for change. An educated adolescent girl has the unique potential to break the cycle of poverty for herself, her family, and her country. She’s already going places. Now, thanks to the help of our donors and the Girl Up community, these bikes will help her go farther.

We’re going someplace too: Malawi to join our United Nations partners as they distribute these bicycles to their new owners! During the trip we will meet with our UN agency partners and visit the camps, communities, schools, and youth clubs where Girl Up is working to ensure every girl has the chance to reach her full potential. And, on September 16, I will be joined by several Girl Up supporters as we meet the girls and watch them ride away on their new bikes toward a brighter future.

I look forward to sharing their stories with all of you. Follow our trip on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.