What Did “He Named Me Malala” Teach Me? That I’m Lucky to Go to School Every Day.

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Anyone who has had a chance to work with Malala Yousafzai at the Malala Fund has said the same thing about her: Despite her global success, studying is still the most important thing to her.

Imagine that! Even though writing, reading, solving problems, learning about new topics and doing homework takes up a lot of time in in her day, all of those things are important to Malala because her education is her priority.

I got an inside look at Malala’s passion for education after watching He Named Me Malala at a screening hosted by U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team forward Christen Press in Torrance, CA. I saw Malala talk about her favorite books, the subjects she enjoys most and the schools she has attended.  She had to fight for the education I have and sometimes take for granted.

The movie made me appreciate the fact that I can go to school every day. Now, every interaction I have with a teacher, every question that I ask in class, every insight and skill I develop feels all the more valuable. I know the impact it will have on the rest of my life. As Malala said, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

[He Named Me Malala] made me appreciate the fact that I can go to school every day.

The movie opened my eyes to the staggering number of girls who don’t have the same opportunity to go to school that I do. There are more than 62 million girls worldwide who should be in primary and lower secondary school worldwide, but are not. This means that simply because of gender, location and resources, far too many young women miss out on the power of an education.

Join me in fighting for a girls’ right to learn. Just like Malala, we need to value the impact an education can have on a girl’s life. First, see the film. Then, learn how you can start a Girl Up club in your community that can educate, advocate and fundraise for this global movement!

This is a guest blog by Fidelity Ballmer. Fidelity is a Girl Up Teen Advisor with the 2015-2016 class and hails from Ventura, California.