The Handbook to End Sexual Harassment

Leadership , Safety and Violence

CW: Sexual Harassment 

By: Yunmei Li

In January 2018,  when Doctor Luo Qianqian reported abuse by her supervisor, Chen Xiaowu, on social media many more #MeToo stories went public. In July and August, Lei Chuang, Zhu Jun, Master Xuecheng, and more and more sexual harassment cases came to light, some of them still drawing attention today.

People often ask questions about sexual harassment:

“My friend was harassed, how can I help her?”
“In sexual harassment, why do victims have a hard time speaking out?”

“In face of sexual harassment, how do you protect the survivor’s safety and privacy and disclose the name of the perpetrator at the same time?”
“Do I call the police?”
“How can I help to provide a safe and supportive place for victims to speak out?”

The Handbook Against Sexual Harassment 

In order to provide professional advice about handling sexual harassment, in August 2018, with the help of more than twenty volunteers, the Handbook Against Sexual Harassment was created. The Handbook Against Sexual Harassment focuses on how to handle being sexually harassed, what to do you if see someone or think someone is being sexually harassed and gives advice to survivors.

The Printed Version of the Handbook

One month later, 074 Law Line for Female Workers published a short version handbook for the workplace specifically. Compared to the complete version online, the short version and handbook for the workplace are brief but useful– they answer questions about sexual harassment in terms of the definition, the pattern of manifestation, how to react, etc. The handbook for workplace also introduces all related laws in China.

Currently, 074 Law Line for Female Workers is sending out handbooks for free to anyone in need. Girl Up East Asia has received 100 hard copies and is sending them out to clubs in China.











目前,074职场女性法律热线正在给需要的人免费发放反性骚扰手册。Girl Up东亚区已获赠100份并且给目前在中国地区的社群寄送。