Girls Count Act in 10 GIFs

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The Girls Count Act was recently reintroduced in the Senate! (Cue dance party.) This is our year to get this piece of legislation passed, and the reintroduction of the bill in the Senate is the first step.

Let’s review the facts: Millions of girls around the world have no birth certificate. According to UNICEF, four out of 10 children around the world are not registered at birth. A solution? The Girls Count Act. This piece of legislation will make counting girls through birth registrations a U.S. foreign policy priority.

We know it’s been a long road to get this bill passed, and the whole process can be very confusing. So to celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far and to get you fired up for the next steps, we turned to GIFs. Because why not?

  1. In 2014, you helped send more than 300,000 emails to your members of Congress urging them to co-sponsor the Girls Count Act. And you didn’t stop there. You organized 129 constituency meetings, made 401 calls to Congressional offices and wrote 391 personalized letters in support of Girls Count. *mic drop*
    Pitch Perfect_crushed it
  2. You made so much noise, Girls Count passed the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2014!
    Stephen Colbert_dancing gif
  3. But then… the 113th session of Congress ran out… and we didn’t have enough time to pass Girls Count in the Senate.
    Mindy Kaling_Youre Kidding Me gif
  4. We were bummed.
    Zooey Deshanel_Frown gif
  5. Ok, we were really bummed.
    Anne Hathaway_crying gif
  6. But hope has been renewed: This month, Girls Count was reintroduced in the Senate!
    Tina Fey Amy Poehler_dancing gif
  7. We’re jazzed. You’re jazzed. We’re all seriously jazzed.
    Happy Minions_gif
  8. And this — yes, this — is our year to get this bill passed. You can count on it. Are you ready?
  9. There are 290 million children worldwide who do not have birth certificates. We can’t let time run out again on making the lives of every girl count. We cannot give up until all girls’ rights are realized.
    High School Musical all in this together gif
  10. We need your voice now more than ever. Tell your senators to cosponsor the Girls Count Act!
    full house you got it dude gif

We can’t give up now. We need to act. Can we count on you to say girls count?