Girl Up’s Newest Focus Country is…

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Last week we promised a BIG announcement on World Refugee Day.

That day is today.

As the world comes together to commemorate the courage of millions of refugees who have fled their homes in search of a safer and brighter future, I am thrilled to announce that Girl Up will be partnering with the UN and standing #WithRefugees in Uganda, Girl Up’s newest focus country!

Since 2010, Girl Up has supported the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Ethiopia, supporting its work to create safe schools and provide an education for displaced Somali girls. We have seen good progress, however Ethiopia is not the only country housing refugees.

As a result of instability in the region, Uganda is currently home to more than 400,000 displaced people, 27% of whom are girls under the age of 18. This influx of refugees has applied a ton of pressure to an already strained education system, and as a result thousands of adolescent girls are not in school.

At Girl Up we believe that equal access to education is a basic human right, and every girl should be able to go to school. That’s why we’re expanding our partnership with UNHCR to support their work in Uganda.

The goal is simple: ensure refugee girls in Uganda are being enrolled in school at the same rate as their male counterparts, and provided a quality education.

Girls who complete primary and secondary education are likely to earn more income and have fewer unwanted pregnancies. In fact, an extra year of primary school boosts girls’ eventual wages by 10-20%, while an extra year of secondary school boosts them 15-25%!

Thanks to funding provided by the Caterpillar Foundation, our support will help UNHCR enroll and retain refugee girls in school by paying school fees, providing uniforms and textbooks, building new schools, and employing and training more teachers- especially female teachers. You can read more about the UNHCR programs Girl Up is supporting here.

So now you’ve heard our good news… help us spread it! Tell your friends, family, other Girl Up supporters and the world that Girl Up is now supporting the UN’s work for refugee girls in Uganda.

With our partners at the UN – and our community of passionate advocates (that includes you!) – we are breaking the cycle of generational poverty for some of the most vulnerable girls in Uganda.

I hope you join us and our UN partners in standing #WithRefugees!