Girl Leaders Share Their Favorite Global Goals on International Women’s Day


For this year’s International Women’s Day, the focus is, “our goals, her future.” The Sustainable Development Goals are critical to progressing and protecting the rights and needs of girls everywhere. And while we know that Goal 5 is specifically to support gender equality, what you may not know is that girls are woven throughout all 17 goals. To commemorate this global celebration of women’s achievements, we asked Girl Up Teen Advisors to talk about their favorite Global Goal (other than Goal 5!) and how it is vital for girls:

“My favorite goal is Goal 4 – quality education. An education is so important for everyone to prosper. I absolutely love this goal because by educating everyone, but especially girls, you are giving them the tools to lead their own lives. Going to school makes me feel empowered and I want every girl to feel the same.” – Sarah Gulley

“I think that Goal 3, ensuring good health and well-being, is one of the most important goals. Every year, millions of people in the developing world die from diseases that we think of as easily preventable, such as malaria and measles. Women in developing countries face the risk of maternal mortality, cervical cancer, and infection because of poor reproductive healthcare. As someone who hopes to work in the fields of medicine and public health in the future, I think it is crucial for us to be aware of the lack of adequate healthcare in developing countries and to work together to ensure that everyone has a chance to live a healthy life.” – Noorhan Amani

“My favorite goal is Goal 8: decent work and economic growth–that means not only keeping the global economy stable, but ensuring everyone has livable, safe work. When girls are educated, their opportunities exponentially increase, opening a window to increased income for themselves, their families, and their communities.” – Celia Buckman

“My favorite global goal is Goal 4, Quality Education, because education is key to the elimination of child marriage and the establishment of universal secondary education for girls around the world.” – Fiona Adams

What are YOUR favorite Goals?