From Girl Up Club to the Red Carpet

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Hi Everyone! I just came back from an amazing few days in Plano, Texas, where I was able to share Girl Up’s mission, discuss women’s issues, and…walk the red carpet at a Hollywood-style movie premiere!

It all began when I heard that Good Morning America (GMA) was hosting a contest in partnership with DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox. The contest was called “Bring HOME to your hometown”, and was centered around being involved in community service. I immediately thought of my involvement with Girl Up and entered the contest. The first prize winner would get to attend a red carpet event for the premiere of the new DreamWorks animated movie ”Home” in their hometown.

Katrina_Image3Although I did not win first place, I was honored as a runner up and invited to the premiere in Texas!

There were many highlights at the premiere. I was interviewed by numerous news stations and radio stations about Girl Up. I even got to meet Jim Parsons and Rihanna, and they were both super impressed with the work that we do with Girl Up to support adolescent girls around the world. The best part of it all? During my interview with GMA, I received a surprise $5,000 donation for Girl Up as well as a screening of the movie “Home” in my own hometown!

The entire experience was truly surreal for me as a girl, as an advocate, and as a leader. It showed me that our efforts really are being recognized in many ways and our impact will continue to grow as more people learn about Girl Up. So, I just wanted everyone out there to know: whatever  you are doing to help better our world, it is recognized.

So, go out there and make a difference!


This is a guest blog by Katrina Sousounis. Katrina Sousounis is 13 years old and started the first Girl Up Club in Massachusetts. She currently leads the AB Girl Up Club at RJ Grey Junior High and is active in the Boston Club Coalition.