Crossing the Finish Line for Girl Up

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Knowing what you can do and doing it often leads to excellence. Not knowing what you can do and doing it anyway builds character. You are stronger than you think! I learned that firsthand this Sunday when I ran on Team Girl Up in the charity relay for the ASICS LA Marathon.

The experience stretched me to places I had never been…. physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The excitement I felt crossing the finish line at the ASICS LA Marathon was indescribable. Every step of my journey was for the courageous girls around the world who face struggles far greater. Whenever I got tired or hot or felt overwhelmed, I just pictured their faces and reflected on some of the incredible stories I’ve heard.

I already crossed the finish line for Girl Up. But, with your help, I can reach my fundraising goal and impact real lives of girls around the world. On behalf of the girls who will have opportunities because of you… thank you!

Together, we are stronger. And remember, you don’t have to run a race to stand for something!

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