Celebrate girls around the world with #GIRLHERO

International Day of the Girl

Our world is filled with remarkable girls – strong, powerful, fierce girls – who are determined to see their dreams become a reality.

But despite their passion and potential, girls are often overlooked and ignored, and their contributions to their communities and our world are left unrecognized.

In 2014, in the lead up to United Nations’ International Day of the Girl, Girl Up decided to challenge this head on by launching #GIRLHERO, a photo-sharing campaign designed to light up social media feeds with the stories of girl power around the world. More than 12,500 actions were taken, with people from 80+ countries sharing the photos and stories of girls they consider to be heroic.

The message was clear: there are girlheroes everywhere and it’s time we honor them.

Today marks the launch of our second #GIRLHERO campaign. Running from October 5 through October 11, International Day of the Girl, you can be a part of the global movement to acknowledge the power of girls everywhere.

Here’s how you can take part:

  1. Give a social media shout out to the #GIRLHERO in your life. Select a girl who inspires you – your #GIRLHERO. Post a photo of her on social media, tag her, and write why you think she is a #GIRLHERO. Rinse and repeat for the other girlheroes in your life.
  2. Share your super power. Every #GIRLHERO has a super power. Share yours! Add a #GIRLHERO filter to your profile picture to stand in solidarity with girls around the world.

Check out GirlUp.org/GIRLHERO for even more ways to get your #GIRLHERO on. (Ahem, there may even be a pretty awesome girl power Spotify playlist for you to rock out to.)

Let’s come together to support and celebrate girls. It’s what girls deserve, and it’s what our world needs.

So…who’s your #GIRLHERO?