Biking Across America to Help Girls Everywhere

Supporters in Action

July 3

“My first rest day in LaGrange, Georgia after over 350 miles has given me the time to reflect on the past week. It has been more challenging than I ever imagined it would be. I’ve ridden through South Carolina and seen churches, farms, and many sunrises. Days are long, starting at 4:00 AM and ending around dinner. Near the end of the day when it is getting really difficult and my legs are hurting, I glance down at my Girl Up wristband which gives me inspiration to keep going.”

How far could you ride a bike? 16-year-old Girl Up supporter Leah Adelman is betting that she can ride 2,740 miles – the length of the United States! On June 27, Leah dipped her bicycle wheel into the Atlantic Ocean at Folly Beach, South Carolina, kicking off a 6-week bicycling trip that will end in San Diego, California.

But in true Girl Up fashion, she’s not only biking, she’s raising funds to support the lives of girls around the world. Inspired by her travel through developing countries, Leah decided she wanted to do something to help every girl reach her full potential. So she turned her bike challenge into a “Find My Stride” fundraiser, and has raised more than $5,000 for Girl Up!

We think Leah is a rockstar and so we asked her to send us pictures and blog posts from her trip. Check them out!

July 11

“The last few days have been more hot and less hilly as I make my way to Texas. I wake up at 4:00 AM so that I can get biking before it gets too hot. Days with mileage above 80 miles have proven to be very challenging. The roads I travel on are rural and often poverty-stricken. They act as reminders of the girls all over the world who aren’t as fortunate as those of us who have access to safety and education. I’m so thankful for all of the amazing things I’ve seen and all of the people I’ve met during the past two weeks of biking. I can’t wait to see what the next half of the country holds.”