What is it REALLY Like Being Part of the Dream Big, Princess Project?

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This year, 21 girls from around the world were selected by Girl Up and the Walt Disney Company to participate in the Dream Big, Princess video storytelling project. Here are some of their stories:

Maryam & Nivaal Rehman, Canada

The Dream Big Princess project was truly magical. Every single day was jam-packed with incredible activities especially for us, and there was always an exciting, thrilling and generally happy energy dancing through the air. Walt Disney World was magical in itself of course, but one of the best parts of our trip had to be the amazing people we got a chance to work with! Whether it was our incredible princesses themselves, or the staff from Disney, Girl Up, Good Morning America, and generally everyone we came across, kindness was a key trait in everyone we met. That made the trip all the more special. The Dream Big Princess Campaign was a journey filled with marvellous surprises, and it continued to get better and better. We were so excited to be working with so many amazing people to share a positive message with the rest of the world! We are so honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this journey, it has been an experience we will never forget, and has truly changed our lives for the better. 💛

“I had the opportunity to meet 20 amazing girls from all over the world and to learn a lot about each of them.”

Tapiwa Maoni, Malawi

Participating in Disneys Dream Big Princess campaign was a life changing experience. I got the chance to attend a pre-shoot workshop In DC and learn from talented film makers, work with an incredible film crew and interact and get to know 20 aspiring female film makers. I felt honored to able to translate my creative vision into something tangible and contribute to a film that inspired millions of girls around the world to dream big and know that despite perceived difficulty they have the capacity to change the world and become anything the want to be. The DBP experience was also rewarding on personal level because it forced me out of my comfort zone . I had never made a film before and It was terrifying at times to think of how much was writing on this. Looking back on it now , I am so glad I participated in this campaign because I not only contributed to a cause much greater than myself , but grew in confidence and capability.


Eugenie Chereau, Argentina

I’m Eugénie Chereau, I´m studying Image and Sound design in the public university of Buenos Aires in Argentina. My dream was always to be able to produce, direct and film my own project. A few months ago I never would have imagined that this dream was going to be fulfilled so fast. When I learned about this project I first thaught it was impossible to be able to be in but then, I thought “Well, why not? What stop me from trying it?¨ and then I said ¨yes¨ and I was finally selected! In our first travel to Washington DC everything was new for me, the city, the people, but when I started to listen to the speakers and to talk with all the girls that were at the Girl Up Summit, something immediately changed in my mind. Those pasional talks and workshops were amazing. Women shown that everything is possible and that helped me to be able to face the Dream Big Princess project with greater confidence in myself. Having the opportunity to participate in this project helped me a lot to grow as a person and also professionally in what I like to do that is filming, directing and producing.

Eugenie, from Argentina, and Lola, from France: both are participants in the Dream Big, Princess video storytelling project.

I had the opportunity to meet 20 amazing girls from all over the world and to learn a lot about each of them. They all are very intelligent and they all show that as young women we are capable to do everything. I interviewed Martina Stoessel, singer and actress from Argentina who is at her moment of greatest stardom. I felt very comfortable interviewing her and I was happy to be able to transmit through her answers a message to encourage young girls. All the preproduction, filming and post production were moments that I’ve really enjoyed. Then, being able to present our project in GMA in New York and traveling to Orlando with an incredible group of girls, with people from Girl Up and Disney was the best experience I’ve ever lived. Having been able to help Girl Up and feel that I´m helping many girls all over the world is a feeling that I can´t explain with words, it is pure happiness. I think this is just the beginning because I will continue fighting for girl power here in my country and I will launch my future projects to help girls around the world. I´ll be forever grateful with Girl Up and Disney, definitely this experience have changed my life.