5 Activities Your Girl Up Club Can Do Before 2018 Ends

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If this is your first year leading a Girl Up Club at your high-school or Campus, you’re probably wondering… what do Girl Up Clubs do?

Rest assured, everyone at Girl Up is working hard to keep you busy as we strive to achieve gender equality. Take a look at the 2018 Club Calendar above and let me break it down in 5 essential activities your Girl Up Club can do before 2018 ends:


  1. Post on social media using #girlhero Every year, we celebrate this day – actually the biggest day of the year for Girl Up – called International Day of the Girl on October 11. For years, we’ve asked girls to post on social media and tag or share who their girl hero is. This year is no different. In 2017, we had over 20 countries participate, think we can increase that number? Yep, we’re counting on you for that one! Download the Day of the Girl Club toolkit here. 
  2. STEM! STEM! STEM! Girl Up is hitting the road this year to close the gender STEM gap and encourage YOU – that’s right, YOU and your friends to participate. Through a series of STEM bootcamps and girl-led Solution Labs, we’re giving away THOUSANDS of dollars in grants to help you solve some of the most pressing issues your community faces. Will we see you there? Sign up now.
  3. Sign the petition. We passed the Girls Count Act in 2015, but the United States Agency on International Development (USAID) and the Department of State still have not sent a report to Congress about how this law has been implemented. We want to make sure this law is helping the most vulnerable girls be documented at birth. Sign this petition to ask Administrator Green and Secretary Pompeo to release a report to Congress about the Girls Count Act. We have a goal of 20,000 signatures, can you help us get there? 
  4. Fundraise for refugee girls in Uganda. Did you know Uganda has the most refugees out of all countries in the African continent? Children – including girls – make up 56% of the population (UNHCR). Challenge your Club to raise $1,000 for refugee girls in Uganda in our Give Her a Future fundraising challenge. All funds will go towards textbooks, desk, classrooms and more. Sign up now.
  5. If all else fails, submit an activity report! At Girl Up, we love reading all and everything that your Club is up to. Did you post on your Club’s Instagram account? Submit an activity report. Did your Club host a bake sale fundraiser? Submit an activity report. Did you participate in any of the above challenges? Submit an activity report. You get the point. These reports are worth Club points so make sure you submit yours ASAP as these help determine top Clubs and Campuses of the year.

No matter what you end up doing… fundraising, advocating or sharing who your #girlhero is on International Day of the Girl, we’re eager to see what your Club is up to. We have big goals to reach this year but together we can surpass these goals and aim higher! Make sure to email clubs@girlup.org with any questions you have.