4 Refugee Girls in Uganda Share Their Stories

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The world is facing a massive refugee crisis, and according to UNHCR the registered refugee population in Uganda has nearly doubled since 2013, to more than 420,000, thanks to an influx of refugees from Rwanda, South Sudan, and the DRC. Twenty-five percent are primary school-aged children. Half of all children remain out of school.

Often when refugee girls are out of school they are at a higher risk of being impacted by sexual violence, child labor, and child marriage. But this doesn’t have to be their reality.  A donation to Girl Up can help provide a uniform and textbooks to get refugee girls back in school through UNHCR’s programmatic investments in Uganda. This holiday season, Girl Up has a goal of reaching 4,990 refugee girls, and giving them a chance at a brighter future. 

To better understand the situation many of these girls and their families are in, we’re sharing four powerful stories of girls who have benefitted from previous investments from UNHCR and were able to go to primary school. However, their futures are still hanging in the balance. Further donations are needed to ensure that the girls are able to continue primary school or to be the first in their families to go to secondary school. Without access to education many of them face pressure to marry or go to work to support their families. But a small donation of just $25 to Girl Up can keep them in school for a year and help put them on a path to fulfill their dreams.

Diana’s Story

“My older sister got married at 17 even though she was in primary seven. She couldn’t finish her education because my parents needed the money for her dowry to pay for my mother’s medical care.” – Diana, 15

Meet Diana Refugee Girl in Uganda

Monica’s Story

“When I finish my study I want to go back to South Sudan and help develop my country. I hope the fighting will end soon and there will be peace in South Sudan for people like we, with education.” – Monica, 15

Meet Monica Refugee Girl in Uganda

Lillian’s Story

“One day my mum came and told me you have to run from here and go to Uganda. I asked her why are we going, and she told me you just pack your things and go.” – Lillian, 13

Meet Lillian Refugee Girl in Uganda

Anita’s Story

“I have been able to complete my primary school with the support of UNHCR. In my school we received exercise books, pens, pencils, text book and uniforms. And the free tuition fees have made it easy for my father to morally support my education. ” – Anita

Meet Anita Refugee Girl in Uganda

To help refugee girls in Uganda go to school, you can donate to Girl Up and share on social media that you support refugee girls’ education by using #WithRefugees. A donation of just $25 gives a girl like Diana, Monica, Lillian, and Anita the uniform, textbooks, and supplies to go to school for one year. Read all of the girls’ stories here.

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