Meet the 2018 Team Strong!


Girl Up is so excited to announce the 2018 Team Strong class! This year’s class comes from around the globe—Andrea from Canada, Shea from Australia, Samiha from the U.S., Tsedenia from the U.K., Melanie from the U.S., and Kristen from Mexico.

Team Strong is a group of 6 passionate and dedicated Girl Up leaders who are leaders in strength and wellness in their communities. This year, they will have the chance to represent Girl Up on our digital channels, Special K’s social channels, in person at the Girl Up Leadership Summit, and in their local communities.

This is Girl Up’s second year offering the Team Strong program. In our inaugural year in 2017, we had four participants from four different countries. We are excited to grow Team Strong and the program is supported by our partners at Special K.

Below are photos of all our 6 members of the 2018 Team Strong class! If you’re attending the upcoming Leadership Summit, keep an eye out for Team Strong—they’ll be roving teen reporters there!


Tsedenia Asrress, United Kingdom

Melanie Che, Texas, USA

Andrea Jacob, Canada

Samiha Rao, Massachusetts, USA

Shea Williams, Australia

Kristen Corlay, Mexico