Real Girls, Real Stories

Victoria Justice Day 1 • • Guatemala, Latin America


Diary by Girl Up Champion, Victoria Justice (pictured middle)

Hi everyone! I just came back from an awesome trip to Guatemala with the Girl Up team, seeing the great United Nations work that Girl Up supports to help and empower girls there. Over the next three days I’d like to tell you a little bit of what I experienced on my trip.



After an exciting night at the VMAs, I rushed to the airport and hopped on a redeye flight to Guatemala. On my first day of my Girl Up trip I saw some of the daily struggles that girls in other countries face. As I learned from United Nations leaders here, many Guatemalan girls – particularly the indigenous population -- are challenged by lack of access to education, high rates of chronic malnutrition, violence, inequality, and exploitation. I was so touched when we visited a center that helps girls who have been victims of many types of violence.

The program works with the girls and their families to get their lives back on track. The girls are so strong, and are taking control of their lives and futures.
We also visited a center that helps youth learn to resolve disagreements without violence, and teaches classes via the internet to girls who can’t go to school in their communities. There is so much need here, and I’m inspired by these  kinds of programs that are making such a difference – however they still need your support.

The days ahead are packed, as we visit centers in cities, towns and villages that are helping girls. I’m learning so much about the girls of Guatemala and can’t wait to share their stories with all of you!

Sending lots of positive thoughts to everyone...  ~Vic

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