Where Will She Be on Sept. 1?

As students get ready for their first day of school, we at Girl Up couldn’t help but break out our old back-to-school photos. (Check out Julie’s awesome briefcase and Tejas’ smiling face!)

If you ask a girl in Liberia what her first day of school is like, she may not have an answer. There’s a good chance she’s never even been to school.  Many families in Liberia cannot afford the uniforms and supplies they need to send girls to school. 

Girl Up is working with a joint United Nations program to provide life skills training and services to adolescent girls in Liberia so that they can build a better future. It’s no surprise that when a girl can read, write and do math she becomes a leader in her community and a model for other girls.

Help us raise $10,000 by August 31 so that 15 more girls in Liberia can be ready for the first day of school. With your support, girls can have a chance to reach their full potential. 


Submitted by LibBabe on April 22, 2014

I'm a Liberian. Thanks for your work in supporting girls in Liberia. Once empowered or educated girls have the power to do great things.

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