VAWA: Witnessing History

Today is a day I will never forget. Today, I witnessed history that affects the lives of women & girls everywhere.
I was absolutely thrilled to attend the ceremony to sign the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act in Washington DC. With a great view from right in the front, I enjoyed powerful speeches by a Native American domestic abuse victim named Diane Milich, Vice President and original architect of VAWA Joe Biden and President Obama.
Diane’s speech about her experience with domestic abuse moved me and I realized the importance of signing today’s bill for the protection of women and girls everywhere. Vice President Biden said, “Because of our people on the stage and in this room, every time we reauthorize VAWA, we improve it.”  With new provisions included in the bill that make ending child marriage a U.S. foreign policy priority, VAWA will help to keep girls around the world safe and healthy, giving them a chance to become empowered women.

I was able to stand at the front of the crowd, only a couple feet away from President Obama as he signed VAWA into law. Afterwards, I spoke with VP Biden and shook his hand.
Vice President Biden said, "Today we strengthened our commitment to women and girls," and I could feel it in the room. I am so grateful to Girl Up for this phenomenal opportunity, and so proud of all of the work that was done to get this critical legislation passed.
Take Action: Check out this video from Senator Durbin, a strong advocate for ending child marriage, that congratulates Girl Up supporters for their hard work to help end child marriage. Celebrate this victory by thanking your member of Congress for helping to pass VAWA!


Submitted by Isabel on March 11, 2013

Wow, I found this article very interesting. That was such an fantastic opportunity and Its really amazing that you were able to see the president! I just watched the video from Senator Durbin and I am so thrilled at the progress and steps we are taking towards ending child marriage.

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