The Power of an Education

Members from Girl Up Clubs across the country submitted pictures and messages for adolescents in Girl Up-supported programs in Guatemala. © Photo/Stuart Ramson

This week I’ve been able to meet many inspiring girls in Girl Up supported programs. This trip has reinforced for me the power and importance for all girls to receive an education. Girls who were learning to read and write in these programs are empowered to learn about their rights and become leaders.

Maricella said, “To be here studying is my opportunity to progress. My parents didn’t have this opportunity. CONALFA* is giving me the opportunity to reach my dreams.” Lana added, “Women have to study. Men sometimes say no, but we have a right to study.” Education is the fundamental step for women and girls to become empowered in their communities and stand up to injustices.

*CONALFA is a government-run, Girl Up supported literacy program.


Submitted by Richa Kumar on June 13, 2013

WE can change the world around us by teaching kids free in all schools after schools hours free of cost for an hour

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