Tell the UN What YOU Want for the World: Take Action Tuesday

What if you had the chance to tell the Secretary-General of the United Nations and global leaders alike what matters most to you? Right now, the world is creating its next “to-do list” and the UN wants to know what should be on it! MY World allows you to tell leaders what you care about most. 

MY World is a global survey by the United Nations which allows people everywhere to vote on the issues that matter most to them. The survey lists sixteen issue areas and asks participants to vote for the six that they believe would make the biggest difference in their lives. “Equality between men and women” is on our list (duh), what’s on yours?

So far, nearly 2 million people from 194 countries around the world have taken the MY World survey. Now it’s your turn! Tell decision makers that women and girls are a priority. 

Feel strongly about the issue? Once you have voted, encourage your family, friends, and community to do the same. Check out these ideas! 


Submitted by Leia on May 7, 2014

I want the United Nations to start standing up for abortion rights. They are desperately needed.

Submitted by Morgan on May 7, 2014

I think it is important to incorporate education for more awareness of sex trafficking!

Submitted by Anonymous on May 7, 2014


Submitted by prabhata on May 6, 2014

Hon’ble Sir / Madam, Best Wishes to all of you & your entire family, friends & relatives with a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL & PROSPERUS YEAR 2014. I hope your initiative, love, affection, devotion, simplicity, honesty, truthfulness & friendship will focus the light of spirit & make inspire as well as will find the right / justifiable direction to among all the people of Friends Circle basically in young-looking age group whose positive aspects will survive the social structure by strengthening, up-gradating ethical degradation & changing their attitude / mind towards the sector of Co-operation, Service, transparency, philanthropic approach, construction & development & other sector of mutual module / spectrum for welfare for human civilization more prosperous & bringing nectar for all. In this beautiful world; try your best effort with due respect for restoration of immense power of human values, human rights, sanctiy, dignity, equal & proper justice & improve better environment for all including empowerment of woman & child rights with a movement to fight against disparity, illiteracy, injustice, social stigma, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment as well as disasters both natural & artificial which is more essential & basic element / infrastructure for growing the Nonviolence, fraternity, brotherhood & harmony arround the Globe by abolishing difference among us, which will increase confidence with familiarity & shall open the broad way the history of relationship & healthy atmosphere all the sector of communities in this world for welfare of humanity for peaceful living / leaving & for world peace & wishing you a very very happy, prosperous & auspicious period for your life. Thanks & Regards Yours Sincerely, Mr. Prabhata Kumar Ray State- Odisha (India)

Submitted by Youequallove on May 6, 2014

Equality=Peace You=Love!

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