Take Action Tuesday: World Malaria Day

I hate getting mosquito bites. On summer nights, when it’s hot and balmy, I douse myself in bug spray to keep pesky mosquitos at bay. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it!

For me, getting a mosquito bite is simply that: a bug bite. It’s annoying and it’s uncomfortable, but after a few days the itch will subside and the bump will go down.

Getting a mosquito bite in many countries in Africa is a different story and can be deadly. Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria, a disease that is spread by a single mosquito bite. Boys and girls under 5 are at greatest risk.

Take action! Share this image with your family and friends this World Malaria Day. Click here for a high-resolution file.

The good news? The disease is preventable. With the use of bed nets, girls are protected from mosquitos carrying malaria, which means they stay healthy and in school. Thanks to people like you, our friends at Nothing But Nets have sent more than 7 million bed nets to communities affected by malaria!

This Thursday, April 25 is World Malaria Day and we need you to help girls stay healthy and protected from malaria. It’s easy for you to get involved to save a girl’s life.

Take Action:

  1. Share the above image with your family and friends on World Malaria Day! Click here for a high-resolution file.
  2. Tweet this:
    Girls need to stay healthy to go to school. This #WorldMalariaDay, I’m helping protect girls from #malaria with @NothingButNets
    ♥ Every 60 seconds a child dies from #malaria. This #WorldMalariaDay I’m joining the fight to end this deadly disease: NothingButNets.net


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