Take Action Tuesday: The Malala Fund

2013 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Runner-up for Time “Person of the Year.” At 15 years old, Malala Yousafzai has already inspired the world—but she’s just getting started.

After suffering a horrible tragedy at the hands of the Taliban, Malala has been on a road to recovery that has brought her family to Birmingham, UK where she has been undergoing multiple surgeries. Along with her father, a longtime champion of girls’ education and newly-appointed to the UN’s Special Envoy on Global Education, Malala manages to see beyond the tragedy and is optimistic about her future and that of children everywhere.

“Today you can see that I’m alive. I can speak…. and I’m getting better day by day," said Malala in her first interview since the shooting in October. Despite facing hurdles, the Yousafzais remain committed to their cause of education. “I want every girl, every child to be educated. That’s why we started the Malala Fund,” explains Malala.  The fund was started to educated children in developing countries. Her father, Ziauddin, reiterates the importance of education for everyone, especially girls like his daughter, by explaining that when you educate a girl, you’re educating her family and her generation.

If there’s one thing Malala is incapable of, it’s giving up. She hasn’t given up on life, and she hasn’t given up on her cause. Now, you have the chance to join in her dream. Donate to the Malala Fund and help achieve the world the Yousafzais, Girl Up, and people like you and I envision: one in which education is a right enjoyed by everyone.

Donate to the Malala Fund here.

Send your personal messages by signing Malala’s Get Well Card, which will be delivered to her as she continues to recover!


Submitted by TINA !!!! on February 5, 2013

What A Wonderful and Inspiring Girl ! An Example to us All ! Get Well Malala, You Are such A Special Person And a True Warrior For the Better Cause for Girls, Children To Be Educated And Reach Their Full Potential !

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