Take Action Tuesday: It’s YOUR world!

What do YOU think are the most important issues the world should focus on? Speak up, because the United Nations is listening!

MY World is a global survey for citizens led by the United Nations and partners. The UN wants your perspectives so that global leaders are informed as they define the new development agenda for the world.

Both online and offline (so the survey is accessible to everyone), MY World is asking people for the top six of sixteen issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. These sixteen issues reflect some the world’s current concerns, covering the existing Millennium Development Goals and other issues like sustainability and security.

Your answers matter! MY World will continue gathering people´s voices until 2015 and results will be shared with the Secretary General and global leaders as they prepare for the future!

2015 may be two years away, but it’s never too early to make your voice heard. The UN wants as many people in as many countries as possible to be involved with MY World: citizens of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

So what do you want from your world? Take the survey today.


Submitted by Pri on January 30, 2013

Equality for girls/women across the world in all aspects such as birth rights, education, marriage, career/pay, law, making her own decisions etc. Education is a must for all girls. Laws should be there to protect girls/women GLOBALLY.

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