Take Action Tuesday: Donate Your Device with ERI!

Think about all the times you use your electronics within a day: your cell phone, your iPod, your tablet. You call your best friend, crank up the volume for a run, or maybe power through a Pinterest session before bed. Your electronics might be a big part of your daily life that keep you plugged in and connected.

Now think about how many times you’ve updated your electronics to the newest versions. Where are your old ones? Probably collecting dust somewhere, right?

Let’s change that. We have partnered with Electronic Recyclers International to purchase used electronic devices. ERI’s Buy Back Tech web site lays it all out: Click on the type of device you’d like to donate, fill in the details, mail in your phone, and help support girls! ERI will determine the monetary value of your phone and contribute all proceeds to Girl Up and the UN programs we work with to make sure that girls in developing countries can be educated, safe, healthy, counted, and positioned to be leaders.

Take action by donating your device! In the past, your phone may have connected you with your best buds; now, it can help connect you with girls around the world through an awesome shared vision. Learn more about how you can help via Buy Back Tech’s FAQ page and get started. If you have any questions throughout the donation process, please email Jessica Wase at jwase@electronicrecyclers.com or check out our toolkit.



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