Take Action Tuesday: Chime for Change

Anything is possible when we come together and #Chime for Change! Chime for Change, founded by GUCCI, is a new global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls' and women's empowerment.

Stars like Beyoncé, Salma Hayek Pinault, Frida Giannini and more have come together to speak out and support education, health and justice for girls around the world.

The new campaign is powered by our friends at Catapult, a crowd-funding site where people can select organizations and projects focused on the causes that matter the most to them. Girl Up has several projects on Catapult, and as a part of Chime for Change, Team Beyoncé is supporting our project to fund 35 secondary school scholarships for girls in Ethiopia!

How can you join the movement?
Follow @chimeforchange and let everyone know what you #chime for! Unite your voice with the voices of millions around the world to demand support for girls’ and women’s empowerment. Click here to get started.


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