Take Action Tuesday: Catapult our way to Gender Equality!

Did you know that on average, organizations benefiting women and girls raise currently raise less than half of what other nonprofits and charities raise? It’s time to do something about that—and Catapult is here to help us make that change!

Catapult, a new online fundraising platform, allows users to donate directly to projects benefitting women and girls around the world without worry of their funds being diluted by middlemen. You choose the project. Your money goes straight to it. You help girls directly. Pretty simple!

Girl Up is joining Catapult to help bring you the opportunity to directly help the girls who need it the most. We are raising funds for 35 scholarships for girls in Ethiopia to give them a chance to go to secondary-school—and to stay healthy, avoid long work hours, and possibly get a job.

Our Catapult project has some amazing fundraising captains: Teen Advisor Co-chair Annie Gersh, Melinda Gates and Beyoncé! Right now, your donations to Girl Up’s Ethiopia fundraiser will be matched by a donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! Your money will go twice as far to directly help 50 girls in the Jijiga refugee camp attend schools that offer safe spaces where they can thrive.

Donate today to give women and girls the opportunity to reach their full potential!


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