Six Seconds of Culture: Take Action Tuesday

If you are asked to showcase your culture in a six second video, what would you do? People all over the world are asking themselves this same question in preparation for the Cultural Diplomacy Vine-A-Thon, a global digital event hosted by the Digital Diplomacy Coalition during Social Media Week.

The Vine-A-Thon is happening now and goes till the end of this week. Thinking about participating? Go for it! All you have to do is create a six second video inspired by your culture and share it by using hashtag #DiploVine.

This is a great opportunity for Girl Up supporters to get creative! Cultures are rich with dance, music, food, history, traditions, and so much more. Have your friends help recreate a famous movie scene; film dinner with your family; or create an animation of a defining moment in your cultural history. If you identify with more than one culture, you can incorporate that into your video as well – the possibilities are endless!

We are excited for this celebration of cultural diversity and would love to see your videos! Share your Vine with Girl Up followers by using hashtag #GirlUp in addition to #DiploVine.

What will you do with your six seconds?


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