Rise Up with Girl Up!

Rise up with Girl Up panelists

I recently attended “Rise Up with Girl Up”, a sneak peek screening featuring the soon-to-be-released film, Girl Rising, hosted by the Hewitt School in New York City.

This groundbreaking film being released by 10x10, one of Girl Up’s partners, shares the moving stories of nine different girls from around the world and highlights the power of an education. The most fascinating factor of this event, however, was that it was created and run by Girl Up’s New York Regional Coalition, a collaboration of Girl Up Clubs in the metropolitan area that has representation from all five boroughs. There were more than 180 people present at the screening. It was inspiring to see such a successful event managed by so many girls who truly exhibit Girl Up’s motto, “While we are strong, together we are stronger.”

After pizza and snacks, the attendees enjoyed a showing of two chapters of Girl Rising. The audience saw the stories of Senna from Peru, also screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and the story of Azmera from Ethiopia. Senna and Azmera both proved to be examples of how a girl can prosper if given equal opportunity and an education. These two stories also stressed how not only women, but also men, can make a huge difference in the fight for equality!

The event continued with a riveting panel discussion moderated by Teen Advisor and New York Regional Coalition founder, Sofia Stafford. This phenomenal panel included United Nations Youth Champion and actress Monique Coleman, 10x10’s Deputy Director Tara Abrahams, Teen Advisor Ines Renique, and New York Coalition member Elizabeth Schweitzer. The panel shared what had motivated them to become active in the advance towards gender equality, as well as a plethora of ways to get involved in the movement.

It was intriguing to hear different insight on the same topics from a variety of experts. Although the panelists came from a range of places – from the acting industry to high school to working with the underserved– they all shared a similar passion to advocate for gender equality and universal education. Each part of the night, including the stories of Senna and Azmera as well as the amazing panelists, was sincerely motivational. I really felt like the event enabled all attendees to Rise Up with Girl Up!

You have the power to bring the film to your school by signing up to host a campus screening. TOGETHER, across the country, let's get Girl Rising into every community--because collective action can lead to powerful change. Get started now by signing up for a Girl Rising campus screening!

Attendies showed their support for girls' education!

Girl Up club members working the welcome table at the Hewitt School.


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