Raising Awareness for Girls Worldwide

Supporters send their wishes to Malala online.

Last week Miami Country Day School Girl Up ran an awareness assembly. First, homerooms watched a few clips about Malala and discussed the meaning of perseverance. Next, all high school students went to the gym to hear a presentation about Girl Up.

One member, Madison Gallup, said "Membership in this club means that I believe in equality for all women, not just in America, but throughout the world. In this country we still face many problems, but we do not often hear about the more severe challenges faced by girls our age in developing countries."

She continued, "Today in advisory you all heard the story of Malala, and her predicament is not an uncommon one. Education, a right we take for granted in America, is something that girls in other countries risk their lives for. That is one of the main reasons I joined Girl Up, to take a stand on behalf of women everywhere. I joined this club, Girl Up, to stand up for equal pay, to stand up for reproductive rights, and to stand up for girls like Malala."

Wilson HS club member explains Girl Up.

Informing the school about all that Girl Up has accomplished and continues to do, members also answered questions about our future plans as well as why we chose to form a Girl Up in our school. The assembly raised awareness and got more students excited to help out!

Following the presentations, the high school students were invited to stay and compose letters to Malala on the Girl Up website. The letter writing project was a huge success along with the overall presentation and discussions!

Over 300 attendees sent messages of hope to Malala through Girl Up.


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