My Organizational Hero

As a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up has had incredible opportunities.  Partnering with 10x10 and their feature film, Girl Rising, is one of my personal favorites.

This week, the Girl Up team had the chance to see Girl Rising, twice! Wednesday night we attended the film’s red carpet premiere at the Paris Theater in New York.  Today, on International Women’s Day, we’ll be in New Jersey showing the film at our Unite for Girls Tour.

Girl Rising is a powerful, thought-provoking and humbling glimpse into situations any one of us could have experienced had we been born into a place like Senna from La Rinconada in Peru. 

The film leaves you with so many questions to explore: What does it mean to be a “split” girl? What does it feel like to be (or not be) one’s own “master”? What about the role of justice? After I watched the film the first time, I didn’t pause on these questions. Instead, I was energized by its transformative nature and its potential to engage schools, companies and policies to help us answer these questions.

I know 10x10 is excited to push conversations about educating and prioritizing girls. These are some of the biggest challenges facing our world today.

Some people are driven to support organizations because of their missions; others because of the organization’s model; and in some cases, because of the people who make up the organization. I support 10x10 and Girl Rising for all three of these reasons. Their commitment to educating girls around the world, achieving scale and impact through their NGO partners and being an honorable all-star team in the process make 10x10 my organizational hero but beyond that, a wonderful partner for Girl Up.

Buy tickets a Girl Rising screening in your community today!


Submitted by little von on March 11, 2013

this is a little or allmy girls yur besty kayla and little javon. a little advice just keep being your self

Submitted by Team Ireland on March 8, 2013

We (Girl Up Team Ireland) hosted a showing of Girl Rising here in Livermore/Dublin, California. The film was powerful and inspiring. We all were moved more by one story or another. My youngest daughter held on to Wadley's story as her inspirational piece. I found it difficult not to be moved by each of the girls in different ways. We were all left the heavy air of Amina's story. Overall, everyone who joined us came away feeling inspired, instead of hopeless. My eldest, our Girl Up team captain, fell ill after all the hard work she put into promotion. She was so upset! We are hoping to join another hosts showing so that she can actually see the film. Thank you to 10x10, Girl Up and their sister organizations for bringing this film and the cause the attention they deserve!

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