Mom + Social: A Conversation with Change Makers

Panelists Julie Zeilinger, Nigel Barker, Saba Ismail and Ines Renique.

My relationship with my mother is undoubtedly the most important relationship in my life. My mother always made to sure equality was at the root of our relationship and it’s that relationship that has made me the feminist I am today. My bond with my mother is why I was especially excited to be a part of Mom + Social to talk about the advocacy work I do for high school and college-aged women in the context of a space honoring the importance of mothers.

At Mom + Social, Nigel Barker moderated a panel featuring: Saba Ismail, co-founder of Aware Girls; Ines Renique, a Teen Advisor for Girl Up; and me, on behalf of the FBomb, the blog I founded for young feminists. We each shared our experiences advocating for other young women and spoke about the women who have influenced us, each trying to impart the great passion we all feel about our work in a short twenty minutes. Though the three of us do slightly different work, the common themes of the impact of strong women in our lives and our passion for making the world a better place for women and girls was clearly evident. As Nigel noted, he has “manned up” by supporting Girl Up and girls’ rights in general, and as a society we need everybody to rise up in support of girls and mothers alike.


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