Meet Clarita

"Imagination helps you think.”

Little Clarita, a 7-year-old creative writer lives in Peru. According to her teacher, the strength of Clarita’s writing is that it comes from her heart. She writes and speaks Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru’s Andean region, and lives in a remote village with her great-grandparents. 

Living in a world of extreme poverty, Clarita found a way to help others through writing. She wrote a story about hand-washing to inspire others to clean their hands that ultimately ended up winning the Regional Writing Competition.

Unable to track down Clarita to inform her of her award, the announcement was transmitted through radio broadcasts in order to reach her remote mountain-plains town. Upon hearing the news, Clarita and her great-grandfather road on his motorbike one hundred kilometers to Puno to claim her prize. It was her first-ever visit to the city. 

Clarita says she is most sad when “thinking about my sick great-grandmother.” She feels badly that her great-grandparents can't read or write, so she reads aloud to them.  Clarita continues to write about dogs, sheep, and sometimes sadness, to help others. When she grows up, she wants to be a "professional writer."


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