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As the holiday season approaches, all of us here at Girl Up are realizing how many great things we have in our lives. So in celebration of the American holiday Thanksgiving, we’ve all come up with five things that we’re thankful for. This is the fourth blog in our “I am thankful for…” series. To read the third blog and find out what Elizabeth and Jen are thankful for click here. Keep checking in throughout the week to find out what everyone else here at Girl Up is thankful for.

Five Things Tina is Thankful For…

My family: For their unconditional love and constant support. There was never a time I felt I could not be whatever I wanted to be, or achieve what I wanted to achieve. Though living in different corners of the world, my family is always there to celebrate my successes, but also there to rally around me when things are not going well.

Ballet: As a dancer from age three I love being able to express myself and portray emotion with my body. Dance is something I can fall back on when I'm feeling insecure or unhappy, or when I am excited and full of joy. When I put on my ballet shoes, everything around me just melts away.

Friends: Growing up in different countries, I have friends all over the world. From my kindergarten best friend in Kenya, to my all-time BFF in Australia; from my high school swim teammate in England, to all my amazing friends in the U.S, I am so thankful and love knowing that friendship truly has no boarders.

Africa: Or its resilient, beautiful, hardworking people who greet me as family and teach me the meaning of community, for its blue skies and gorgeous sunsets that take my breath away, and for its overwhelming potential and dazzling, bright future.

Hot chocolate. Actually ALL chocolate: Because it truly is the perfect addition to any kind of day.

To read yesterday's blog and find out what Elizabeth and Jen are thankful for, click here. Keep visiting GirlUp.org throughout the week to hear what other people at Girl Up are thankful for and share in the comments what you are thankful for this year! 


Submitted by Candy on November 26, 2010

I love this!! Tina sounds so cool!!! I want to be like her when I grow up!

Submitted by Gdub on November 26, 2010

I love this!!! Tina sounds so cool!!

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