I am thankful for: Elizabeth and Jen

As the holiday season approaches, all of us here at Girl Up are realizing how many great things we have in our lives. So in celebration of the American holiday Thanksgiving, we’ve all come up with five things that we’re thankful for. This is the third blog in our “I am thankful for…” series. To read the second blog and find out what Emily and Tieneke are thankful for click here. Keep checking in throughout the week to find out what everyone else here at Girl Up is thankful for.

Five Things Elizabeth is Thankful For…

Home: Because it is my favorite place in the world and everyone deserves a safe, comfortable place to relax and just be themselves. It's something that you can help Girl Up provide to the world’s most vulnerable girls.

Husband: Jimmy, who is my best friend and inspires me every day.

Friends: They are always there for me and support me, just as Girl Up allows us to support our adolescent sisters and friends in the developing world.

Health: Visiting the doctor when we are sick is something that so many of us take for granted every day, yet 600 million adolescent girls do not have access to basic healthcare

Grandmother Opal: Because she is my hero and the wisest person I know


Five Things Jen is Thankful For…

My family, friends, and colleagues: They make me complete as an individual.

Laughter: No one has a better laugh than my dad. A good belly laugh from a movie or book brightens any moment.

Music: Nothing is more beautiful than the global language of music. You can listen and enjoy or dance. It's been part of my life since age three and will be for the rest my life. Viva la vida!

Bananas: I'm a 'bananiac.' Great source of protein, great afternoon snack, and yummy!

And of course, our Girl Up supporters: because if it weren't for the amazing boys, men, women, and especially the girls, we wouldn't have your voice to amplify our work in supporting the world's at-risk girls.

To read yesterday's blog and find out what Emily and Tieneke are thankful for, click here. Keep visiting GirlUp.org throughout the week to hear what other people at Girl Up are thankful for and share in the comments what you are thankful for this year! 


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