Happy UN Day!

Today, there is a special birthday in the world that we at Girl Up want to recognize. And it doesn’t belong to any particular person. (Though if it is your birthday, that’s pretty special, too.)

In 1945, 68 years ago, the United Nations was born, along with its vital mission of promoting global peace and progress.

Every day, in every part of the world, the UN is working to solve pressing challenges and improve lives. We recognize this. And so do you: In a poll conducted by the Better World Campaign, 93% of voters say that it is important to them that the UN works to better the lives of adolescent girls around the world by helping assure that girls have access to quality education and health care, adequate livelihoods, and freedom from violence and harmful practices.

That makes us psyched.

By supporting the UN, each of us can help strengthen its work and build a more peaceful, just world.

Join me today in showing your support for the UN by sharing this infographic! Happy UN Day!


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