Girl Up Reception in Los Angeles

The Unite for Girls tour is in Los Angeles this week, and we got off to a great start with a high-energy event at Variety last night.

More than 200 people came together to celebrate Girl Up and give a "High Five" for girls around the world. The crowd ranged from entertainment and business leaders, to moms and aunts and daughters. And we also had a lot of men join us! We had two fantastic men in particular:

Nigel Barker gave eloquent remarks – straight from the heart – as a father and family man who loves his daughter, and as a professional man who works with women and girls in the fashion industry. He asked the crowd to truly stop and think about the difficult things that girls face in developing countries. And he made the case for fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers to take action and stand up for girls in their lives as well as girls who they may never meet. 

And David Archuleta thrilled the audience with a beautiful performance. As he reflected on his life growing up with three sisters and a strong mother, he focused on the power of the High Five – how a simple concept and action can translate into change for girls around the world.

We also had some awesome teen celebs come out to support Girl Up. We had Monique Coleman, Molly Quinn, Josie Loren, Ashley Keating, Daphne Blunt, Zach Callison, Drew Van Acker, Shane Harper, and Jennessa Rose!

We capped off the night with a group of teen girls from local Marlborough High School reciting the Girlafesto. So say it with us: “You see a girl. We see the future!”

Thank you, LA!




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