Get Happy with Pharrell and UN Foundation: Take Action Tuesday

You know that song that comes along every once in a while that is so good that listening to it can be equated with being given a shot of pure, concentrated happiness? 

That’s what Pharrell’s “Happy” is. Seriously, listen to it. We’ll wait…

Ok, see what we mean? 

“Happy” makes us happy, and that’s why the United Nations Foundation has partnered with singer and songwriter Pharrell to celebrate this year’s International Day of Happiness on March 20. Here’s how you can join in on the happy:

Happy option #1:
Submit videos. From now until March 20, International Day of Happiness, post videos and photos of you and your friends demonstrating your happiness to Pharrell’s global #1 smash hit “Happy” with the hashtag #HAPPYDAY. This song has a 95.436% chance of making you dance so you might as well record the magic, right? Don’t forget to register your submission at because on March 20, Pharrell will post clips from his favorite submitted videos! If Pharrell posts a video of you, you have bragging rights forever.

Happy option #2:
Share happiness. Stay tuned to Girl Up on Facebook and Twitter and share our messages of happy on March 20. You can also share the happiness that will be featured on UN Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter

Happy option #3:
Donate. You can join in by donating to UN humanitarian efforts, which provide critical aid to families affected by natural disasters and conflict. Your donation means that you believe everyone deserves a chance at happiness.

Happy option #4:
Do a combo of Happy Option #1, Happy Option #2 and Happy Option #3. This is guaranteed to give you the highest level of happiness.

Get happy and celebrate International Day of Happiness with us!

Disclaimer: If this blog seems crazy, it’s because we’ve been listening to “Happy” on repeat at Girl Up headquarters. 


Submitted by Smiley on March 19, 2014

What a HAPPY thing to do!! We can't stop singing &!clapping to it!

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