Gaming for Good!

I had the honor of attending the launch of the United Nations Foundation Global Good Challenge along with my fellow Teen Advisor Riya.

Through the Global Good Challenge, people would have the chance to compete for amazing prizes, such as a two tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert! To qualify for the prizes, participants can watch videos, take quizzes, vote on opinion questions, and share information with their networks. By taking advantage of the extent of social media, people can engage their online networks and spread awareness to support the UN’s work to address critical issues.

I think this is a great idea because many young people can mobilize their peers to take action on issues important to them. By incentivizing with amazing prizes, more people will be encouraged to participate. We are able to take advantage of modern technology to make a positive impact.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the Global Good Challenge! All you need to do is go to or play the game on Facebook at

You can have the chance at winning amazing prizes, while also taking action on important issues that can help millions of people!

Who wouldn’t want to do that? Sign up and take action today!


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